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143 N. McCormick St. Suite 102, Prescott, AZ 86301

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Health Walk Medical Clinic is a fully integrated health practice offering homeopathy, acupuncture, herbal therapies, nutritional counseling, as well as diagnostics, labs, prescriptions and wellness exams.

Dr. Kennedy meets each patient where they are in their process of healing and health. Using an individualized approach, she works in partnership with her patients to formulate treatment plans and goals to help guide them to their highest health potential.

Important Messages:
We don't update our site nearly often enough.  I urge you to call us at 928-445-4995 for current information. 

Dr. Kennedy is taking new patients again but only one to two per month in order to be available to her existing patients and provide them with the attention and services that they require in a timely manner.  If you need to be seen sooner, we have some excellent naturopathic doctor referrals in Dr. Kim Harris located in our suite 928-277-7414, Dr. Kate Sage at Sage's Healing Center 928-458-6748, Dr. Lois Eaton 928-778-2882, Prescott Naturopathic Group 928-445-1999 and Innate Wellness Center 928-776-1600.  This is the short list as there are several other excellent naturopathic doctors practicing in Prescott and Prescott Valley.

Take a look at the newsletter archives for information on Homeoprophylaxis (HP).  This is a program designed to educate the immune system with the use of homeopathic nosodes.  I am participating in an international study geared towards tracking the health of participating children in order to monitor their response to the nosodes, their incidence of illness and their overall health.  We hope to gather a body of evidence which will empower parents seeking alternatives to the current vaccination protocol.

My favorite place to buy organic herbs, spices, teas and so much more is HERE.  Check out Mountain Rose Herbs and you will see what I mean.  You could qualify for a 5% discount off of purchases made through our site.

Dr. Kennedy is available for public presentations on Acupuncture, Homeoprophylaxis, Naturopathic Medicine, Diet and many other topics.  If you have a group interested in holistic and complementary medicine, contact us.
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